NEW songs in my MP3 list...

Hey, add up your MP3 list with these songs
1.Hatin on the club - Rihanna
2.Right Round - Flo rida
3.La La Land - Demi Lovato
4. Trash - Demi Lovato
5. Dreams On Fire - Slumdog Millionaire
6. Quicksand - Britney Spears feat Lady Gaga
7. Calling You - (FORGOT LEYY)
8. Fashion - Lady Gaga
9. Be The One - The Ting Tings
10. The Game - Lady Gaga

Since I add up 10 songs in my playlist, So I have to delete 10 songs to free some space..
Aiyo, I think I need to buy 4GB Mini SD card for my MP4...

Songs I have to delete...
1.Everything's Just Wonderful
2.Dead and Gone
3.Stand Up to cancer
4.Leave all out the rest
5.I can
6.Hot and cold
7.fall for you
9.pocketful of sunshine

Appreciation to the Greatest bestfriends of mine!!!!

Especially for My 3 Greatest friends on earth....
My friend Fara showed me this video...
Hilarious and Funny...
Now, I dedicate this video to my 3 Greatest bestfriends, Ninie-Munie-Eiyka!!!

To: Ninie
Thank you being there for me anytime i need you...
Mind that You will always be my friend until my last breath..
Jiwang x?
Align Right

To: Eiyka..
Oi, jgn lupak mbak ku raon k keta kancel baru ko ahh..
wpun keta kancel, ku ttap juak sukaraon ngn kau..
kau ya, jgn jadi kacang lupakkan kulit ngn skuter merah ko... hhahaha

To: Munie
hope ko bahagia ngn Ehem
2 ko ahhhh!!!
jangan lupak aku

Dungeon of fidelity to T.I.M.E

Who knows,
time passes by,
leaving all the unwelcome dungeon of fidelity to something who abandon me..


Staying loyal to the old friend of mine since birth is a hurting happiness always wrapped around me
Night is a gloomy flower to me..
Beautiful sadness that reminds me of something I've done wrong during the day..
Well, 'those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'..
I will recall my day life every night before I go to sleep
Something good isn't it??

After all...
Final exam is around the corner..

Future can be predicted, but cannot be assured..
Feels like hell waiting for time to come chasing after me
Because I never had the patience to come back home...

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