I miss my KL life already...

What can I say, my KL life is FUN::FUN::FUN and also money spending..
I'm not missing the way I live there but I really miss the friends I am with there

At first, I thought living in the same room with F.A.R.A.D.I.B.A.F.I.F.I.M.I.R.A is some kind of hectic and annoying..
But then, when I put on my first step to the apartment after a long holiday, Diba helped me to carry my belongings upstairs all the way to 14th floor.(gune lif le)...But still, of course damn tiring..

That is the time when I realize that there are still somebody to help me to go through my days in 2nd sem..
2 days after was my first day for second sem..
Mira woke me up with her soft-motherly voice (mcm nak dodoi pun ade).. At first I was reluctant to wake up. But since that day is the first day, so I woke up and prepare everything for my study.. A pencil box and an examination pad..

Fifi and Fara accompany me to the cafe, toilet and anywhere I wanna go.. How can I forget the deeds they did to me...

I was gratefull that I still have them on my side...


We passionately advocate activities that centre on peaceful living as well as the strenghtening the human bonds. We unite for peace..

We respect our differences as we are living in an increasingly boderless world where people need to learn to co-exist with each other by accomodating different thoughts, beliefs and rituals while staying true to oneself.

Thank you my friends, I hope we will still be in the same house and room for the upcoming sem..

I'm keeping my finger crossed hoping for something good to come

A Perfect Househusband I got Here!!!!!

Well, He's my cousin.. The closest one to me perhaps...
I mean he's cool.. hahaha..

Ok2, enough with the briefing..
There are 4 things that shocked me to death.. (metaphor)

1. He did the household chores!!!!! Not did..He DO!!!! ahahah... He boils the water, washes the dishes, sweeps the floor and so forth!! Mak Aiii, tekejut berok aku!!!!

Right before this, he never do the chores. Not even washing his own clothes.. But now, Wow...He amazed me...

2. He seems like gentlemen...I mean, he doesn't feel ashamed by doing the household chores eventhough he's a GUY..

3. He is a homer now...hehehe.. rarely hanging out and all... Coz before, he always trying to find an excuse to go out.. haih...

4. He is our batman.. haha.. He became the scariest human-bat in town.. Just kidding :P..
He take a good care of our house every night.. But foremost, he's my bouncer!!!!

His name is Mohd Hanafi...
thx yeh!!!

Thank You MY FRIENDS!!!!!

First of all, I wanna thank Diba and Fifi for helping me carrying my belongings to the basement..
And I know it was tiring... What can I say, I love you both already. But foremost, I would like to thank FaraRaikkonen for accompanying me until I checked-in for departures.. Thanks Mira..... for the iron...hehhe.. take a good care of it yeah!!!! After all, You all are my great friends now.... F.A.R.A.F.I.F.I.D.I.B.A.M.I.R.A Thank You!!!!

Thank you F.A.R.A

Fara, thanks a lot for lending me your Broadband..
You're the bestest bestfriend ley....
eventhough we quarrel so many times (xterkira)
But you're still d best friend i have here.. chey!!!..
bukak2 la blog I slalu k....

I just finish my EXAM..

All subjects that require me to memorize facts are all done!!..
I did try my best to answer...hehehe..
Eventhough I'm not very good when it comes to memorizing facts....

Clinical Parasitology I............done
Chemical Pathology I...............done
Clinical Microbiology I............done
Islamic thought and Civilization...done

Haih....Now Preparation for MUET paper left..
Can't wait to go back home...
Missing my lazy life already...haih....

E-mart strikes Matang for good or bad?

I just got a phone call from my sis informing me about a new supermarket in town.. yederhh..
but I wonder, even its for our own good, but it does bring more bad consequences.. aiyaaa...
Traffic jam, competition for choice ria and so much more..
and there're some rude road user who park their car along the roundabout..
Gosh! so stupid and damn idiot...
(amik lesen x? show me the rule where we can park car along the roundabout la..haih)

Well, i admire the way Miri is organized.
Their e-mart is just in the corner of the world.haha..
I mean quite far from the busy road in town..
But still, they got a large number of costumer everyday..
Why can't Kuching be organized the same way?
Just because they wanted to promote the e-mart in a strategic place like matang ke?
(haiyaaa...sudah manyak kedai kat matang wo.. maseh mau buat kedai besar2 ka?)

Widen the matang road first. Then you can think of building a big market there...

after all, my family enjoy shopping there...
hahaha. I mean CHEAP ley!!!

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