I hate Hematology SINCE....


Puan R. take over the lecture... She is damn annoying....Why do I say so????
  1. Die buat nota lecture gune singkatan sampai aku pun xtau ape maksud disebalik singkatan tuhh.. so aku just hafal sebijik ape yg dalam note... then bile time test, aku tulis sebijik mcm dalam nota die tu... guess what??? aku dapat 29/50.. Tak ke SIAL????? Fuck Off la ade lecturer LUAR mcm nih....
  2. mase buat presentation, ade je komen2 die yang menyakit kan hati... boleh pulak tanye: "Saye nak brape slide je utk presentation?", "kenape slide yang awak hantar xsame dgn slide awak sekarang? Kamu edit ke?"... menyakitkan hati sungguh!!!!!!!!!!!! Nih saya jawab untuk diorang eyhhh.... Puan, awak tu xbgtau pun format mcm mane yang awak nak...kalau ade pun, masalahnye, awak bagitau dengan geng2 yang suke simpan sendiri je... Yela, dalam course kitorang ni ada clique2 sendiri... Tapi awak tu bagitau kat clique yang xske tgk orang lain berjaya.. diorang nak diorang je berjaya and perfect in every way.. so they keep it to themselves... and let averyone else terkapai2 tak tau pape...
  3. cakap kecik ati ngn kitorang sebab asyek tanggoh test and tanak retest balek... WTF??? Awk tu penah pikir tak yang kitorang ni ada bny lagi subject... bukan subject AWK sorg... OTAK manusia lain2 la.. ade yang cepat tangkap, ade yg lambat.... DONT EXPECT otak kitorang ni komputer... We're not perfect macam KYLE XY!!!!!

Spooning Thoughts

I thought.... when I said I love U.. You'll stick with me forever

I thought.... when I give u my heart.. You'll give yours too

I thought.... when I give u my trust.. You'll trust me back

I thought.... when I give u my support.. You'll feel more confident

I thought.... When I care about you... You'll be loyal

I thought.... we will last forever.. But Its all end

I thought... Maybe its my fault.. BUT CLEARLY ITS YOURS!!!!

It's Movie Time!!!!!!



Citer ni tentang sorang lelaki yang mempunyai deria menghidu yang super duper hebat.. Memang extraordinary. Dilahirkan oleh seorang perempuan penjual ikan. Ketaksubannya terhadap scents membawa dirinya ke arah kehancuran..Untuk melengkapkan koleksi minyak wangi yang diperbuat daripada aura perempuan2 yang telah dibunuhnya, dia telah membunuh anak perempuan seorang bangsawan yang terkenal. Perfume yang diperbuat daripada aura wanita yang dibunuh telah menyebabkan seluruh kota memujanya.. He was called an ANGEL disebabkan campuran aura2 tersebut.
Namun, kehilangannya adalah suatu misteri..

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is the executive editor-in-chief of a book publishing company, Colden Books. All of her workers, including her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), hate her. After learning she is being deported back to Canada, she forces Andrew to marry her, as his future is tied to hers. When the government investigates, Mr. Gilbertson (Denis O'Hare) informs them that they will undergo rigorous testing to prove that the marriage is not fraudulent, after being notified by Bob Spaulding that this marriage might be a sham. Andrew grudgingly accepts the proposition of marrying Margaret on the condition that he be promoted to the position of editor and his manuscript be published.



What a gross, when a guy flirt with a thousands women in his lifetime..The story concerns a womanizing bachelor and high profile photographer (Matthew McConaughey) with a disdain for marriage. As his little brother is about to walk down the aisle, Connor (McConaughey) attends just as an old childhood flame (Jennifer Garner) enters his life to attend the wedding, Connor finds himself in the most unusual of circumstances. He's visited by his late uncle (Michael Douglas, the Jacob Marley of the story), who was Connor's role model for womanizing back in the day, to warn his nephew of three visits from the past, present and future in the form of his ex-girlfriends. It's Connor's plight that he'll learn a thing or two about love and the possibility of second chances. Ultimately Connor learns he dies alone with only his brother to care and decides to change things. Back in the present he learns Sandra, Paul's bride, took off so Connor chases her with his uncle's classic car, the Stabbing Wagon that's kept in his uncle's old house playing Elvis' Burning Love as all the other cars are snowed in. He crashes the car, but convinces Sandra to come back with a speech about regret and how he regrets leaving Jenny which Jenny hears. Sandra and Paul get married and Connor makes up with Jenny on the swing they used to play on as kids and asks for a second chance. She's not sure whether or not to believe him, but he proves he always still loved her by showing her he'd always kept a picture of her on him he'd promised to keep forever taken on that very swing when they were kids. The two kiss and Connor sees his uncle one last time before a song he'd never had the guts to dance with her to before starts playing and they dance to it, finally together again. During the end credits Sandra tosses the boquet, but its shot with an arrow by the Japanese woman who helps at Connor's job by shooting apples off peoples heads. During a dance between Sandra and her father the Sarge, his ex-wife cuts in and they share a friendly dance where the Sarge's name (he was always refered to as just Sarge in the movie) is revealed: Mervis, but he threatens the only person at the wedding who heard it.


The PILIH BULU Lecturer

I have this in mind about my lecturer.
The question is, why do I got stuck with this unjust lecturer??
Damn it...
I think it is clearly obvious when she suddenly change my mark, from 6.5 to 5.5.. I don't know what she got in her mind...
I can see the trace of erased number '6' below number '5' as she wrote it by pencil..I can prove it here but I got no time to uproar this thing..
But now I felt depressed to what she did to me.. Look, I've so many other subjects to deal with.. Not just her subject..
Ow, forgot to tell you all... This lecturer has her own favourite student...
Guess what, this girl sit beside me during her class.. She asked me so many simple questions that are super damn silly.. From her writing, I can see that she has a bad-bad english... So many grammatical error and so forth... But her mark is 6.5!!!
People, can't you get this?? I only have 5 mistakes throughout the 'exercise'... but I get 5.5 in return????
Shit you!!!

If she really want to condemn me, just call me and ask me to confront in your room.. If I'm the one who'll make the move first, surely you will point me as a rebellious student who disobey you and being rude to you. I can't do nothing because you're the on who gives marks..
That is so damn pathetic to wrote this in here.. But I have no one to trust to make things better..

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